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.:I've Learned Some New Tricks!:.

2007-11-05 18:34:57 by Ao-no-Go

I have been practicing my music and I think I have a new method that I really like. I've listened to techno and industrial day in and day out, and wow, am I inspired!

My CD will be out hopefully by the end of this year if my partner gives me the okay, so look for it!

. : J A M A T T A : .

.:Autumn Love is in the air!:.

2007-09-11 19:55:36 by Ao-no-Go

I just helped a good friend enter in his film festival with my remix of his song "Autumn Love." I am impressed with his work, he has great potential. And doing this was a lot of fun. Though...I wish his melody was a lot more complex, I am happy with the turnout after one or two hours of synthing XD.

His name is SpikeVallentyn, check him out! He is the same one who made "Hug Me To The Skies" and does great work!

I have a lot more projects coming, so I hope you all bear with me while I complete them. I'm shy, so I haven't been on the forums yet, but once I'm given a reason to, I'll be there.

.: The Blue Man Liveth :.

2007-09-06 16:02:57 by Ao-no-Go

Tra-la-la, I'm very happy I got my Newgrounds page working ^_^

Ao no Go here, reporting nothing but...well...
...okay so I lied, I don't have anything, BUT STILL, for those who already know me, they know how much I rock teh audio. So I'm going to give flash a try as well. But for now, do enjoy my audio submissions, all original workings of mine.

And I love collaborating, so if anyone needs music for a flash, then hey hey, I'm your guy. A bit busy as of late, but not too busy for a request.